(*numbers are for the Brazilian market alone)

With the use of blockchain technology and augmented intelligence, Crafty will disrupt and decentralize the self-employed industry!

Our mission at Crafty is to tokenize the self-employed industry and create a new and revolutionary ecosystem for self-employed workers and their customers, based on the power of reputation as value and currency!


Volume: 10,000,000,000 CFTY

Finite amount of CFTY created

• Tokens on ICO sale: 5,000,000,000 (50%)
• Hardcap: 35,000,000 USD
• Accepted Currencies:
 Smart Contract: ETH (Ethereum)
 Dashboard: ETH (Ethereum) / BTC (Bitcoin) / BNB (Binance Coin) / Credit Card / PayPal

* Token Rate:
 1 CFTY = 0.0000068 ETH
 1 ETH = 147,142 CFTY
* Minimum amount: 0.02 ETH or equivalent in BTC or BNB;

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Crafty in a glance!

Crafty - The reputation value
Crafty - The reputation value


What is Crafty?

Is the planned evolution of Diaríssima (our MVP), a fully operational platform, already two years on road and changing peoples lives in Brazil. Crafty is a free platform for providing and hiring autonomous professionals services of all specialties.

The CFTY token is the basis of the ecosystem

In addition to being free, our users will be rewarded with CFTY with each new evaluation provided, ensuring currency circulation.

Real innovation

Our business model is based on Artificial Intelligence, exclusive and patented in the USA, which guarantees us that we are different from everything in the world.

We're not the Uber of services

We're different! We're decentralized, we're free!

Ecosystem size

Only In Brazil there are over 22,000,000 self-employed workers

Big Numbers in Brazil

* + $ 200 Billion per year
* Less than 25% goes to workers
* Informality in the segment: 63%

Token purchase for beginners

Would you like to buy CFTY tokens but do not have an Ethereum wallet of your own? Do not worry! You can buy using you credit card (PayPal), Bitcoin, Ethereum or even BNB! It's easy and fast. Check it out!

Token purchase for experienced users

Register on dashboard and access our Smart Contract address


Intelligent and free platform of reintermediation to provide autonomous professional services.

Learn more about our product

Services are offered via mobile or web application.

The operation is decentralized and gives free negotiation power to users to contract, offer services, establish prices, accept or negotiate.

With no advertising space, the platform fights market inefficiencies, connecting contractors and service providers directly, reducing transaction costs and generating benefits for both.

The reputation, core value of the platform, is built by personal relationships and taken so seriously that each rating is recorded in blockchain.


It's all simple, direct and transparent. Our proposal is to promote the network and increase the value of reputation. In addition, we remunerate the user's participation.

Choosing the Professional

Contractors are looking for service providers in the database. The system informs the professional, who has complete freedom to negotiate prices and dates.

Service and payment

On the scheduled date, the service is provided and paid to the professional without any fee. If you prefer, the contractor can pay by credit card, with small intermediation fee.

Paid evaluation

Provided the service, contractor and contracted professional evaluate each other and receive CFTY tokens for this.

Using CFTY

CFTY tokens can be accumulated and exchanged for products and services of trading partners.

Diaríssima: Our MVP

The Diaríssima was the product developed to test the company's proposals and serve as a basis for Crafty


The Diarissima has been fully developed with its own resources, so we value every penny.


Diaríssima is present in more than 170 cities, counting on more than 26,000 users.


Our networked operation model reduces the need for a support team, as well as providing greater reliability to the data recorded.


Our users encompass people from all social classes and levels of understanding, so we have tremendous concern with usability.


Our publicity program has important results
Download cost: $ 0.38
User conversion cost: $ 1.07.


The system has promoted a reduction of the displacements of the professionals who, when having access to closer contractors, save time and money.


Series of explanation videos about our concept, business model, monetization, patent and a lot more.

Video #1 - Greetings and welcome to Crafty
Video #2 - A brief introduction to our concept and business model
Video #3 - A bit about our investment strategy
Video #4 - Information asymmetry: the center of economic inefficiency
Video #1 - Greetings and welcome to Crafty
Video #2 - A brief introduction to our concept and business model
Video #3 - A bit about our investment strategy
Video #4 - Information asymmetry: the center of economic inefficiency


The great advantage of our operational MVP is that we have put a lot of head start on Crafty operations.


A lean, dynamic, experienced and totally dedicated team.

Reinaldo Silva
  • CEO

Graduated in Computer Networks, former CEO of technology companies group, entrepreneur and investor in Diaríssima and scholar of cryptomoedas.

Normann Kalmus
  • CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer)

Economist, specialist in Knowledge Management, Logic Frame projects and Public Finance.

Alessandro Ferreira
  • IT Manager & Full-Stack Software Architect

Master of Science in Computer Science, researcher in AI, computer vision, deep learning and algorithm analysis.

Ricardo Bessa
  • Full stack developer

Graduated in Computer Science, postgraduate in Information Security, DBA and infrastructure analyst.

Daniel Freitas
  • Advisor

PhD in Computer Science, focusing on researching facial expressions on video using deep learning (TensorFlow and Python). Assistant professor in AI topics, software quality, algorithm and data structure.

Leopoldo Lopes
  • CLO

Lawyer, Specialist in International and Commercial Law, specialist in legislation of digital communication, lecturer.

Ricardo Mariano
  • Advisor

Singer and composer of the pair Munhoz & Mariano, partner-entrepreneur, investor and ambassador of Diaríssima.

Raul Eduardo Catalan Castro
  • Advisor for mathematical models and algorithms

Social Worker, Bachelor of Social Work, Postgraduate in Economics and Development, Postgraduate in Development Humans; Mg. Integral Project Management. Project Management Professional, Diploma in Applied Territorial Innovation; Diploma in Sustainable Territorial Development.

Vitor Mesquita
  • Full stack Developer focused on IOS

Experience developing Android and iOS mobile applications and back-end applications in Rails. Development experience with more than 3 years.

Humberto Bijos
  • Communications Coordinator

Marcelo Mendes
  • Full stack Developer focused on Web development

Graduated in Web Systems Development, postgraduate in Software Engineering, Systems Analyst.

Mirian Coura Aveiro
  • Advisor for integration with social organizations

Post-graduation in Public Management and Society / Technical in Educational Matters. Coordinator of the Technological Incubator of Popular Cooperatives of UFMS / BR

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